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The Arrangement of Furniture

I had never known anyone else with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) until a few weeks ago. This beautiful lady and her husband walked up to me, shook my hand and introduced themselves. I could tell right away that she had vision issues and I just had to ask. Another missionary in Cameroon that has RP. Was this coincidence, a chance meeting? Had God arranged this meeting for us? Maybe.

We talked about the obvious things; our history, our frustrations (with some laughter) and our families. It was a connection and somehow I felt validated. I began to talk to her husband and he asked me the funniest question. He asked, “How are your shins?” Only someone who has run into a concrete bird bath, the coffee table, and an open dishwasher, more than she cares to count, could understand this question. My answer? Dented.

At my house, there are rules about furniture and moveable things like toys, laundry baskets, vacuums, open cupboards, and shoes, and rugs, and mop buckets and dog food bowls… Must I go on? One time when our kids were little, our son said to his sister, “Katie pick up your toys! What are you trying to do- kill our mom?” He knew the rules. Whether it is a small item or big, at my house, the arrangement of stuff matters. Even moving or rearranging the furniture, especially the coffee table, has to be done with my vision in mind. Hence the dented shins!

This has me thinking.

Writing out my feelings, thoughts, and confessions, has helped me in the face of doubt and questions. I’ve been reminded of, even caught up by, a verse I have known for years. And I am beginning to believe again.

Romans 8:28

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose.

Here are my confessions of faith today.

He is working things out with eternity in mind. And with eternity in mind, I believe he is working for my eternal good.

He arranges conversations, and schedules things that seem common place.

He arranges connections and seemingly random meetings.

Other times it seems he rearranges everything and we can be left wondering without answers.

He is active in my life - sometimes it’s easy to see it and other times it’s not!

He is guiding me around things and through things and he’s got me.

Sometimes he gives me the heads up, sometimes he clears a path but other times I am caught unaware and I stumble and get dented.

But a few weeks ago he made things obvious and easy for me to see by placing and arranging a random person in my path to let me know he sees me and is working.

Last confession of faith.

I am determined to look for his faithfulness in his arranging and rearranging.

Lord, thank you for the, arranged by you, meeting I had a few weeks ago. You are so kind. Thank you for placing, arranging, and rearranging things in my life with eternity in mind. Help me when I can’t see or figure out your plan and forgive me when I begin to doubt your involvement. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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