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As we began 2020, no one could have fully predicted the magnitude of change that we are experiencing!
Since 2010, I have been writing thoughts on paper, on my computer and in my head. I told a few friends about my idea of blogging. “But everyone is blogging these days”, I told myself.


Then about a year ago, I sat with my son, a web designer, to start this process. He encouraged me, gave me some tips and even helped me make some decisions about a way forward . But again, I drug my feet.
It is 20/20 -and I think it is time!


My husband and I have been married for 31 years and have served in both Tanzania and DRCongo, as missionaries, almost our entire married life. We were privileged to raise our, now adult children, in Africa.
And now - I am a Grandma !


I am a visually impaired thinker and learner, and much of my thoughts and scribbles come from that perspective.
I pray that as I share these thoughts, we together, will grow in our love for Jesus and in our love for others.

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