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Wanting More

When our daughter began to communicate, we started by teaching her simple sign language. Of course  “no” was among her first words and signs. She learned to sign; bottle, binki , all done, please,  thank you, and more. She would sign when she was hungry and when she was thirsty and it seemed she always wanted more. 

More milk.

More juice. 

More fruit funs.

More Lion King. 

She couldn’t always put her finger on what she wanted so in those moments she would just sign “more” in tears of frustration. 

Wanting more. 

Is it okay to want more?  Maybe. 

Is wanting more selfish or earthly minded? Maybe. 

Does wanting more mean we are discontent, dissatisfied or ungrateful ? Maybe. 

I suppose it is the what we want that helps us to answer those questions. 

I don’t often pray for myself in regards to healing but I always have a running list of others that need a miracle, a healing, more. 

The needs and the desires and the wanting more is everywhere. 

And yes, of course without a doubt,  I too want more!

Who doesn’t want 20/20 vision? Who doesn’t want pain free days? 

Who doesn’t want more for a child with disabilities? 

Who doesn’t want to walk, to breathe, or to live life free of a wheelchair?

In Mark 8:22-25, I’m sure the blind man wanted more. He most likely wasn’t satisfied with only a partial healing. He wanted wholeness and healing  in regards to his vision. Jesus, knowing this, touched his eyes a second time and then the man saw everything clearly.

Whether it is an obvious need, seen by others, or it is an ache that is unseen, it is real. Whether you can name it or it is something you can’t quite put your finger on, it is there. 

The Lord does bring contentment, he satisfies but what is this other struggle, this craving and longing in the process?

What is it?

More what? 

Is it healing? 

Is it more than that? 

My wise husband said something that has stuck with me as I  grapple with this longing for more. 

“Maybe we were meant to want more. Maybe on this side of heaven, in the now, we will always want more. Maybe we were meant for more.” 

Maybe, just maybe this dissatisfied desire for more is because there is more. 

There is More. 

There is forever with Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is nudging and trying to center me today. As I meditate this morning, He reminds me that He is in my present, He is my future and He is in my waiting for more. 

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human hear; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. Ecclesiastes 3:11 

Lord, thank you for putting eternity, the desire for more of you, in my heart. Help me to trust you. Help me to see this longing as coming from you, being placed there by you and for you. In the tension, let my desire for more, be met by you alone as I try to rest in the not yet. In Jesus name, Amen 


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